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1.  Why should I choose Quantum?


At Quantum Spine Centre, we have revolutionized healthcare and made a radical departure from the traditional allopathic models which we find doesn’t address the root cause of disease but focuses more on the symptoms. For ex, if your cars “check engine” light came on, you could simply cut the wire going to the light and it would be gone- does that fix the problem? Of course not! Similarly, if you take pain killers, muscle relaxants or anti inflammatories to kill the warning sign, you won’t fix the problem, your just no longer aware of it and it may be getting worse.


 2.  What is KKT Treatment?


 KKT is a patented technology that is approved for use by the FDA and Health Canada as well as various regulatory bodies around the globe for spinal, neurological, joint and muscular conditions. The device emits various frequencies to shift spinal vertebrae and build up disc proteins as well as other key macromolecules of the disc and surrounding tissue.  Everything that exists on this planet vibrates to a certain frequency. In fact, Nikola Tesla stated that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” At Quantum, we’ve tapped into these secrets and have effectively learned to utilize frequencies to heal the human body. The treatment is non invasive and painless and each session varies from about 4 to 7 minutes in length depending on the patient. Each treatment is unique to that patient and no two patients will the exact same spine.  Your signature treatment is saved in a secured server and can be changed as your spine changes over the years.


3.  How long does the whole process take?

The process to get started is very simple.  There is a no charge initial consult to determine whether you are a candidate for treatment.  Once that’s done we do specialized Xrays on site to be fed through the KKT software which will analyze your unique spine and calculate treatment parameters for the device.  This usually takes less than 24 hours.  You’re now ready to receive your first treatment. Your Quantum doctor will go over the treatment plan and perform some tests pre and post treatment to show the changes that occur immediately and monitor those changes over the course of the treatment. The number of treatments depends on your specific condition but generally about 12 sessions will straighten your spine and reverse some degenerative changes.

4.  What should I expect during treatment?

During the actual treatment, the patient will lay on their side while a stylus is placed on the side of the neck. Once the KKT device starts, it will send specific frequencies that vibrate down the spinal column shifting vertebrae to their normative positions. This alleviates pain and undue pressure on certain structures of the spinal column as normal biomechanics is restored. The treatment itself is painless and non invasive and can last anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes in length depending on the condition.

5.  Is the treatment covered by Insurance plans?

The treatment is covered under private insurance plans and billed as Chiropractic services since we are shifting spinal vertebrae.  We are currently not covered by OHIP but our goal is to be accessible to everyone and are working toward provincial coverage. 


6.  Is it safe?

KKT is a safe and effective treatment option for spinal conditions as it uses non invasive sound waves or frequencies. There have been over half a million treatments globally with no adverse side effects to date.  Your Quantum doctor has been trained and certified as a KKT provider and maintains those credentials on a yearly basis. The treatment has been approved for use by the FDA, Health Canada and many other regulatory bodies around the globe.


7.  Are there any side effects?

Although in over half a million treatments spanning over 16 years we have had no adverse reported side effects, we have had many patients report improvements in other areas like their blood pressure, glucose, kidney function, headaches, clarity, energy levels, bowel movements, hormonal cycles and many more.  There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves that exit the spine and control everything from movement to normal function of the body’s physiology. When the spine is tilted and these spinal nerves are compressed this can lead to dysfunction in body systems. Quantum alleviates this by straightening the spine, shoulders, pelvis and knees and this has been shown to positively affect these body systems.


8.  How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of treatment varies depending on the condition(s) that the patient presents with and other factors like age, lifestyle and the chronic nature of the illness.  We strive to cut costs at every level to make sure you and your family can afford the best care possible.  We also have programs for low income families. Please call for further details.

9.  Are Xrays done on site?

Highly specialized Xrays are performed on site and will be fed through a patented software to calculate your unique correction vectors and positioning for treatment. Your Quantum doctor will then review your Xrays with you during the Report of Findings.

10.  Is there any other conditions not listed on your website that may benefit from Quantum?

We have listed the most common complaints we get in our “conditions” tab but we generally treat a lot more than just those.  We have treated patients with seizures, Multiple Sclerosis, Transverse Myelitis, Concussions, Erectile Dysfunction(ED) and many others.  Please call and speak with your Quantum doctor about your case and rest assured that confidentiality and professionalism is a cornerstone of our facility.

11.  Do you make custom orthotics?

At Quantum, we see the body differently and strive to address all biomechanical and neurological deficits concurrently.  Quantum has state of the art 3D technology to map out your foot for orthotic purposes and uses this to create a custom correction fit for your unique structure after correcting your spine and pelvis.  We use only the best materials that are tailored to your lifestyle whether you walk in high heels, play golf or wear oxfords all day- we’ve got you covered!

12.  Are there any discounted services?

Quantum believes that healthcare is a right of all citizens regardless of socioeconomic status.  We understand that not everyone has the same level of affordability and strive hard to make certain that financial matters play a minimal role in whether you can get treatment.  Quantum has discounts for the elderly as well as students and low income families to ensure everyone has access to the best healthcare. Please call us if you have further questions or need help with payments.

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