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Conditions We Treat

low back pain
Low Back Pain

This is a very common complaint with our patients and one we most often address.  Back pain can be caused by a disc injury, facet joint irritation, muscle spasms due to uneven pelvic position, stenosis or in some cases more severe issues like prostate or kidney disease.  Many of these can cause pain and numbness/tingling radiating down the leg.  At Quantum, we pride ourselves on pinpointing the exact cause to alleviate the condition rather then just mask the problem with drugs and/or surgery.

neck pain
Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by whiplash injuries as well as disc herniations/protrusions caused by traumatic or degenerative changes over the years.  These are usually accompanied with pain and/or numbness and tingling radiating down the arm and pain in the shoulder blade. 


Scoliosis often starts in children and can progress to cause detriment to other organs and systems if left unchecked. Scoliosis causes abnormal curves in the spine usually with a rib hump and winging of the scapula on the affected side.  At Quantum we use non invasive and painless treatment alternatives to address these curves and calculate respective Cobb angles pre and post treatment to evaluate the changes taking place. 


Headaches can have a variety of causes and maybe difficult to diagnose without a proper assessment. Causes can range from neck injuries to hormonal or seasonal changes as well as migraines or more serious underlying diseases like tumors.  At Quantum we give you an in depth consult to determine the cause and address the underlying issues.

shoulder pain
Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be mild or severely debilitating and usually hurts at night while tossing and turning. Most commons causes are rotator cuff tears as well as joint issues caused by malalignment of spine and joints which lead to muscle and tendon imbalances and unequal loads of the affected structures that wear the components down over time.

disc herniation protrusion
Disc Injuries

One of our most common complaints from patients comes from disc injuries either from trauma or degenerative changes.  These can also cause numbness and tingling as well as pain down the arms or legs.   Quantum alleviates these by genetically influencing key nuclear proteins of the disc to restore their function and position as well as addressing the structural imbalance to the spine leading to these changes.


Stenosis literally means “narrowing”.  This refers to the narrowing if the spinal canal due to degenerative conditions likes disc lesions, facet joint issues or a vertebrae that has moved out of position.  These can cause severe pains radiating down the back or side of the legs

back pain
Mid Back Pain

Midback pain can also have a variety of causes such as vertebrae that have moved out of place, ribs that are mal-aligned and wedge compression fractures that most often affect this area.  This can also be caused by referred pain from a disc injury.  Proper diagnosis is paramount in addressing and tackling these pains.

muscle spasms
Muscle Spasms

Muscles seldom spasm without reason, they usually contract to protect certain organs, structures or prevent deterioration of another condition. For example, if your disc is deteriorating and bulging out the surrounding muscles will contract to protect the disc.  Muscles also spasm to protect or prevent postural imbalances and wont let go until that imbalance is addressed.

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is generally a vague term that means “inflammation of the bones”, most healthcare providers will treat the inflammation without determining the cause of the inflammation.  At Quantum we address these spinal and pelvic distortions to alleviate undue pressure and “rubbing” of the joints to reduce or eliminate the arthritis.  Arthritis in degenerative conditions is usually secondary to another underlying cause that needs to be corrected.  There are of course other auto immune conditions that can also lead to arthritis. 

pelvic pain
Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is usually more common in females but can be experienced by men as well.  Usually caused by either hip or Sacroiliac joint issues, it can be extremely debilitating and needs proper diagnosis to commence treatment and alleviate the condition.  Other causes of pelvic pain can be things like iliolumbar ligament tear, prolapsed cervix/bladder or coccygeal issues as well as prostate issues in men.

Hip Pain
Hip Pain

Hip pain can make it difficult to walk and enjoy life.  These are usually caused by degeneration of the hip joint due to an unleveled pelvis that grinds the joint causing pain and inflammation. Quantum uses sound frequencies to shift the pelvis to its normative position taking the pressure off of the affected joint.

Knee Pain
Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint with our patients and can adversely affect your busy lifestyle.  These can be caused by cartilage or ligaments tears as well as imbalances of load on the affected joint. Quantum addresses these loads and influences production of proteins that replace damaged structures.  These structures have no blood supply so they heal very slowly on their own.  Quantum accelerates the process so you can get back to living your fullest life.

ankle pain
Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can have a variety of causes and is usually misdiagnosed.  The foot and ankle has a complex set of bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments that can wreak havoc if injured.   These include things like bone spurs, fallen arches, ligament tears, tarsal tunnel traumatic injuries or referred pain from the peroneal nerve.  Let Quantum accurately diagnose and treat your foot and ankle pain so you can get back to the fast lane of life.

Dizziness Vertigo

Dizziness and/or vertigo affects a lot of people and can adversely affect your lifestyle.  Patients usually are anxious about driving or walking due to dizzy spells.  These can also be caused by a variety of factors such as disc issues in the neck, vestibular issues, benign positional vertigo or other serious conditions in the brain or brainstem.  At Quantum, we perform an in depth physical and neurological exam to diagnose and treat the issue with a focused and targeted approach.

Numbness and Tingling
Numbness and Tingling

This is usually caused by a disc issue in the neck or low back but can have a variety of other causes like Thoracic Outlet Syndromes, Pronator Teres Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel, Stenosis, Sciatica, Peroneal Nerve Entrapment and Tarsal Tunnel. Let your Quantum doctor perform detailed orthopedic exams to figure out the cause and subsequent treatment.

While we have listed some of the more common conditions we treat, there are many other conditions that are biomechanical or neurological in nature that can be treated with the KKT orthopedic device.  Please call and schedule a telephone conversation with your Quantum doctor to see if your condition is treatable.

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