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Non Invasive Alternative to Surgery

About Quantum Spine Centre

We are the most advanced treatment centre for acute and chronic pain of the spine and associated disorders.  Quantum Spine Centre has successfully revolutionized modern spine care to provide non invasive treatment options with the most advanced acoustic technology for those suffering with spinal disorders.  Quantum uses patented KKT Spine technology and software to address postural distortions that lead to structural imbalances and deficiencies caused by these distortions and can lead to degenerative conditions.  At Quantum. we pride ourselves of finding the root causes of disease and pathology rather than offering medications or surgery which usually only mask the problem and may be making  your condition worse.  

Our treatment plan begins with an in depth consultation, medical exam and X-rays to start your care.  On the second visit your doctor will explain his or her findings and their prescribed treatment. The treatment generally consists of 12 sessions but may be longer or shorter depending on the severity of your condition.  During each session the patient will lie on their side while a low force vibratory stylus is placed just below the ear.  A unique signature treatment is applied that is determined by your X-rays. The patient will receive acoustic waves in a range of frequencies that have been determined to carefully shift spinal vertebrae and up-regulate the synthesis of special proteins and collagen that protect the disc from compression and damage. The session lasts about 4 minutes and is completely painless.  The doctor will monitor the changes to your spine before and after each treatment and adjust your treatment accordingly.  Patients have reported massive changes to their spine and function in as little as one treatment.

Providing you with the best team for the best care

Dr. Mansoor Khan
Ibtisam Sharif
Vinayaka Rajput
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