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Non Invasive Technology

At Quantum we use patented KKT technology that gently shifts abnormally positioned vertebrae back to their normal position while genetically upregulating key proteins of the disc, ligaments and associated structures.  The process is painless and completely non invasive!  You'll see results in the very first treatment.

Worldwide Certifications

KKT technology and treatment  has been approved by the FDA, Health Canada, European commission  and many other regulatory bodies around the world.  The technology has been published in a variety of leading scientific journals including “Spine”, “ The American Journal of Pain Management”, and  “Global Spine Journal” 

Results Driven

At Quantum, we pride ourselves on finding an accurate diagnosis and treating the underlying cause of pathology rather than masking the problem with drugs and surgery.  Pain is not a disease but rather a warning that lets you know something is wrong. Your Quantum doctor will address the root cause of these warning signs and treat it with a targeted approach.

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KKT Patented Technology

We are the most advanced treatment centre for acute and chronic pain of the spine and associated disorders.  Quantum Spine Centres have successfully revolutionized modern spine care to provide non invasive treatment options with the most advanced acoustic technology for those suffering with spinal disorders. 


The treatment itself utilizes a highly controlled and calculated low force sine wave to carefully shift spinal vertebrae into their ideal resting position through the principles of Mean Axis of Rotation (MAR).  Through scientific studies it was established that “normal” patients had a different axis of rotation in their spinal vertebrae than “abnormal” patients.  This mal-alignment adversely affected the anatomy and function of the spine as well as causing a great deal of pain in afflicted patients.  Restoring the correct anatomical position of the spine was accomplished by applying correctional vectors unique to each patient, and which are calculated by highly specialized radiographic images and patented software.   These images are then fed into exclusive analytical software, designed to provide each patient with signature corrective vectors to reduce abnormal vertebral positions. 

Specific patented frequencies are concurrently applied that genetically up-regulate anti-compressive proteins and collagen of the nucleus pulposus of the disc. These proteins help draw water into the disc and increase relative viscosity. This leads to a significant reduction musculoskeletal abnormalities, spinal pain as well as optimal conduction of the autonomic nervous system.  Each treatment, which is applied at the cervical spine is completely non-invasive, painless and about four minutes in length.

new trechnology as an alternative to spinal surgery

Start The Process in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Initial Consult

On your initial consult the Doctor will perform an in depth history,  physical, neurological and orthopedic exam of your condition(s)  and formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan based on those findings.

Step 2

Specialized X rays

Doctor with Mammography

After the initial assessment radiographic imaging of the cervical spine is done on site to assess and correct spinal distortions calculated by highly specific algorithms.    The images are uploaded to a server and the analysis is performed and returned to the clinician within 24hrs.  The doctor now has the parameters needed to set the KKT device according to the patient’s signature parameters. 

Step 3

Begin Treatment


On your first treatment your doctor will give you a report of his/her findings as well as a diagnosis and treatment plan. Since no two spines are alike,  the signature treatment is highly specialized for your unique spine. Your doctor will also go through a nutritional and exercise program during maintenance phase to ensure the gains made during the treatment process are kept.

Talk To Us About

Weight Loss

Quantum can helps you create a customized exercise program to reduce weight and/or gain lean muscle mass tailored to your lifestyle. Whether your a busy mom on the go or training for your next competition speak to us before starting your regimen for maximum gains

Nutritional Counselling

While some nutritional supplements may be helpful, there is a maze of marketing, labeling and dosage issues that are usually misleading in nature.  Quantum has gone through the required research and our recommendations are vetted thoroughly to make sure we pack a punch to your health issues and not your wallet.      

Custom Orthotics

The average person walks about 5000 steps per day. Foot and heal pain can lead to serious lifestyle changes and hinder you from doing the things you love.  Let Quantum create a custom Orthotic for you using the advanced 3D Footmaxx system to correct these deficiencies and imbalances so you can get back to the fast lane of life! 

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